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Q&A With Richard A. West

Q&A With Richard A. West

May 25, 2017

BMK welcomes Richard A. West to the firm as Of Counsel.  Rich took the time to answer some questions on his practice and his background.  Learn more about Rich by checking out his bio, and feel free to contact Rich at rwest@bmk-law.com or (973) 376-0909 Ext: 1126 for any questions regarding his practice.

1. What areas of law do you practice?

My primary areas are (1) representation of licensed professionals in disciplinary proceedings, and (2) representation of businesses and individuals under investigation by or in litigation with consumer regulatory agencies, such as the NJ Division of Consumer Affairs.

2. How do you approach client service?

Whether the client is a large business or an individual, I am most interested in giving them an up front and honest assessment of their problem, both in terms of how their matter might play out and the amount of legal resources they are going to need.  Although I cannot predict the future or guarantee a result, I try to have a pretty frank discussion about the possibilities.  I find that this front loaded conversation enables me to do my job most effectively.  No one likes surprises except maybe on his or her birthday.

3. What is the biggest challenge for your clients?

I find the biggest challenge is educating clients about the potential result of the predicament they are in, especially on the licensing side.  Many professionals with disciplinary problems have a hard time accepting that a board made up of their peers is prepared to impose serious discipline on one of their own.  I also have to keep them focused on their conduct, rather than the stories they may have heard or read on the internet.

4. What have you found most interesting about your practice?

The wide range of personalities you come across, both in terms of clients and adversaries.  I am also impressed by the professionalism and respect that I see in regard to most of the attorneys with which I interact.

5. What do you like to do in your spare time?

Travel, when I have the time.  Reading fiction involving crime or spies.  Spending time with my teenage children.  Going to the beach.

6. Anything else that you would like to share?

I once lived in England for two years.  I have been on planes with both Deborah Harry and Jim Brown (the football player, not the singer).  I am currently trying to learn Spanish online, but have only achieved 3% fluency.

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