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About BMK

Trusted Legal Services For Businesses & Entrepreneurs

Brown Moskowitz & Kallen brings an in-house perspective to legal representation, backed by the extensive experience our attorneys have cultivated as in-house counsel and by their experiences at some of the most prominent corporate law firms in New Jersey, New York and the greater Northeast.

We bring an owner’s perspective to devising and implementing legal solutions to address both routine and extraordinary matters. We appreciate the discipline and fortitude necessary to build and maintain a successful business or a multinational company created by opportunistic growth and expansion over many years. Having been the “client” as in-house counsel, we don’t view ourselves as attorneys practicing business law – we are businesspeople practicing law.

At BMK, we pride ourselves on being more than legal counsel to our clients. We welcome the opportunity to serve as trusted advisors, providing analysis of legal issues through the lens of the business owner. In fact, we serve many of our clients as outside “general counsel,” assisting them — just as if we were “down the hall” — with prospective planning, rather than merely reacting when problems or issues arise.

We respect your time, your priorities and the exigencies of your business

We will work side-by-side with you to achieve both your short- and long-term objectives. By providing clear and practical legal services and advice, drawing on our legal acumen and business experience, we will help you to achieve your objectives.

At BMK, we are committed to finding practical and cost-effective solutions. We have and will continue to augment our suite of services to provide our clients with the expertise needed in today’s demanding and fast-changing business environment. We will address your needs with current “market” approaches and well-proven strategies as we plot the course of action that best serves your business. Whether representing entrepreneurs, start-up companies or well-established businesses – and whether we are assisting in negotiating and closing a transaction, litigating or otherwise resolving a dispute – our primary concern is: “What makes the best business sense for our client?”

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