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Stuart Brown Chairs the New Jersey Merger & Acquisition Forum

Stuart Brown Chairs the New Jersey Merger & Acquisition Forum

Jul 19, 2015

Since the merger and acquisition middle marketplace in New Jersey is highly fragmented and inefficient, with no effective means of sharing information on current and prospective deals, forward-looking trends and key topics of interest, Stuart Brown has formed — and chairs — the New Jersey Merger & Acquisition Forum. Stuart’s primary goals for organizing the multidisciplinary Forum are to:

  • Devise a platform for the efficient sharing of non-proprietary deal information in real time, and
  • Create a mechanism for capturing and sharing key industry information and trends

The M&A Forum is comprised of M&A professionals from a broad spectrum of disciplines, including accountants, attorneys, bankers, intermediaries, financial advisors and strategic consultants.  Although it is still relatively new, the impact of the Forum is already evident. To date, one significant financing has been completed as a result of communications among Forum members and several M&A transactions are in the early stages. The Forum hosts guest speakers to present to the members. For more information, contact Stuart Brown at sbrown@bmk-law.com.

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