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Kallen Chairs Family-Owned Business Roundtable

Kallen Chairs Family-Owned Business Roundtable

Aug 20, 2015

The dynamics of a family-owned business present unique challenges not only to the family but also to the professional service provider. Recognizing that professionals who work with these businesses on a daily basis can find value in discussing these challenges with one another, for the benefit of themselves and the client, Norman Kallen has formed, and chairs, a family business roundtable.

The group is comprised of professionals who work with middle market family-owned businesses, including, attorneys, accountants, executive coaches, investment advisors, psychologists and insurance professionals. The goal is to get together on a bi-monthly basis to discuss, share, provide peer counseling and engage in problem solving on common issues the service providers confront in serving such businesses. Ultimately, by leveraging the experience of one another, each of the members can acquire greater insight into and provide greater value to his or her client.

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