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Brown Moskowitz & Kallen Commercial Transactions Practice Reports Over a Quarter-Billion Dollars in M&A Activity in 2020

Brown Moskowitz & Kallen Commercial Transactions Practice Reports Over a Quarter-Billion Dollars in M&A Activity in 2020

Dec 08, 2020

Brown Moskowitz & Kallen, P.C. has reported that its Commercial Transactions Group will complete 2020 with more than a quarter-billion dollars in successful merger and acquisition transactions on behalf of a diverse clientele.

The firm frequently functions as the outside general counsel for middle-market companies. It has a client roster active on five continents that spans industries as diverse as scientific instruments, medical devices, real estate, technology and manufacturing.

“Our firm has developed a reputation for nimble legal advisory on enterprise transactions for a fraction of the fees of large corporate law firms,” said Stuart M. Brown, Co-Chair of the firm’s Commercial Transactions practice. “With decades of experience, our attorneys have the depth and skills required to successfully handle complex middle-market transactions. Further, for more than 30 years, our partners have cultivated the pivotal relationships with legal subject matter experts as well as with non-legal business, financial, tax, accounting, banking and employment professionals to structure and execute some of the largest middle-market deals in leading sectors, many multi-national in scope. We leverage our reputation and networks to bring all the right professionals to the table; then we assemble an erudite yet flexible team to negotiate and close M&A deals quickly, reducing the financial and emotional burdens and time demands on our clients.”

Over the last few years, middle-market M&A work at Brown Moskowitz & Kallen has included $100-million-plus transactions, some of which involved multiple cross-border subsidiaries and affiliates with independent C-suites and their own employee teams to be incorporated into the structure of the transaction. “For these particularly complex M&A deals,” Mr. Brown continued, “the size of the law firm quarterbacking the transaction is not nearly as relevant as the strength of its network to assemble a complete team of both legal and non-legal professionals that can work together efficiently to close the deal in a timely and cost-effective manner, enabling all parties served to emerge satisfied with the outcome.”

“Naturally, we’re quite proud of the very substantial deals we closed in this particularly challenging year,” said Norman D. Kallen, Co-Chair of the Commercial Transactions practice. “Our success is, in part, attributable to the long standing relationships that Brown Moskowitz & Kallen has developed with subject matter expert attorneys, accounting firms, finance and human resources consultants, banks, private equity and other professional services firms over the years. Our ability to assemble an experienced, professional team tailored to our clients’ transactional needs has empowered our global clientele to meet their enterprise goals.

“Large transactional law firms utilize their in-house staff,” Mr. Kallen noted. “We don’t have that obligation, so we have the advantage of being able to cherry-pick the best practitioners based on our clients’ needs. It is a seamless process from our clients’ perspective; the fact that we manage it in a very cost-effective manner is an added bonus.”

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