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BMK’s Stuart Brown Featured in EisnerAmper Middle Market M&A Series

BMK’s Stuart Brown Featured in EisnerAmper Middle Market M&A Series

Dec 21, 2023

BMK’s Stuart Brown, Partner and Co-Chair of the Commercial Transactions practice, is once again featured in Eisner Amper’s Solutions In Sight Middle Market M&A Video Series. This time, EisnerAmper tax partner Jordan Amin, Scott Daspin, Director of Investment Banking at Triad Securities, and Stuart discussed the emotional aspects of selling a business. The trio addresses the emotions sellers commonly experience amidst a business sale and the ripple effect the process has on personal and professional relationships. Topics covered in the video include:

  • Determining when one is emotionally ready to sell a business
  • Why an M&A transaction is a team sport and why the seller relies on the team to navigate both the numbers and the emotional touchstones inherent in every transaction
  • Protecting one’s mindset throughout the process
  • Managing family expectations during and after a sale
  • Feeling confident in the buyer to steward the business post-sale
  • Preparing for life after the closing and avoiding “seller’s remorse”

Bottom line: M&A transactions are not just about the numbers. Emotions inform whether a sale is deemed successful just as much as the financial outcome. To view Stuart’s discussion with Jordan and Scott, please visit https://www.eisneramper.com/insights/solutions-insight/solution-sessions-videos/middle-market-merger-acquisition-video-1223/


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