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Lending Options for Small and Mid-Businesses During COVID-19

Lending Options for Small and Mid-Businesses During COVID-19

Apr 04, 2020

At BMK, we are keenly aware that many of our small- and middle-market business clients are experiencing cash shortfalls and need an urgent infusion of capital to weather the COVID-19 crisis. While a major federal relief bill was just passed by the Senate and House, accessing funding through government channels may not be sufficient nor is it an expedient solution.

From the start of this crisis, BMK pledged to call upon the whole of our resources and alliances to offer pivotal and practical assistance to keep your business stable and positioned for recovery.  For this reason, we are presenting Beechwood Capital Advisors’ Lender Access Program which potentially streamlines the process for obtaining funding to meet payroll, supply chain, rent and related expenses that do not decline despite a sudden sharp decrease in revenue.

The Beechwood Capital Advisors Lender Access Program may be right for your business if:

  • You need immediate access to a wide network of bank and non-bank alternative lenders
  • You are seeking a no risk, no cost introduction to asset-based, factor, private, high yield or unsecured lenders and commercial banks
  • You have collateral such as receivables, inventory, real estate and personal assets
  • You want a DIP financing option
  • You lack traditional collateral but maintain a strong balance sheet with unlocked “value”
  • You need a minimum loan of $1MM

Beechwood Capital makes sourcing funding easy:

  • Engages in a brief introductory conversation with you
  • Prepares a one-page company summary at no cost
  • Presents the summary to 25+ lenders per applicant
  • Fields inquiries from interested sources of capital and presents to applicant
  • Applicant makes sole decision whether or not to proceed
  • If applicant proceeds, enters into an agreement with Beechwood providing for a modest monthly retainer to assist applicant with the lending process and close the loan. Also provides for a success fee to Beechwood at closing.

The Beechwood Capital Advisors Borrower Intake Form is attached here: https://bmk-law.com/beechwood-capital-advisors-borrower-intake-form. If you are interested in exploring Beechwood Capital Advisors’ lending services, or would like to have an informal conversation with them about your financial condition and potential solutions, contact Scott Rothman at (973) 985-9533, Dick Conroy at (732) 770-5036 or Mark Furman at (973) 650-3994.

BMK invites articles that may be of interest to our clients, colleagues, and friends during these trying times. BMK is not affiliated with Beechwood Capital Advisors and it does not endorse the content or views expressed by Beechwood Capital Advisors. Should you have questions or comments concerning the article, we suggest that you contact the Beechwood Capital team directly.

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